Your specialist in lifting- and drive technology

gebouwELMEC is a Dutch company located in Belfeld (near Venlo) and specialised in internal transportation and drive technology, focussing on the DEMAG program in particular. ELMEC is predominantly active in the southern part of the Netherlands to supply our customers with the fast service they request. Every day, approximately 40 motivated and qualified staff members are at your service.

Essen (Germany) branch
In 2005, we started a branch in the German town of Essen that is now used to provide our German customers with supplies and service. Also, we are the first non-German company that is a member of the German GKS (Certified Crane service Association) and DEMAG has selected us as one of their DEMAG Preferred Partners. This special status indicates that we are constantly updating and improving our service and knowledge levels, where and whenever possible.

More than 35 years of experience.......
We celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2007. This means that you as a DEMAG user can rely upon an organisation with more than 35 years of knowledge and experience with parts crucial for your production. Our range, as shown by our product overview, does not only include hoists, cranes, motors and gear-boxes but also a component package with which you yourself can build a crane of machine, either with or without our specific technical assistance.


Sales and engineering.....
Our sales department is keen on anticipating customers’ needs. Together with you, we have the knowledge, experience and improvisation talent required to arrive at a good solution. It does not matter whether it involves minor or major problems; after all, they all deserve the same attention.

Standard components are used, wherever and whenever possible. From both a cost and support point of view this is usually the best procedure. It does not mean, however, that we do not deviate from these components. If required, we also show our creativity by designing the required parts ourselves. Frequent contact with and regular courses by DEMAG ensure that our knowledge of DEMAG products is always up-to-date.

Our own technical service department.....

With regards to installation, repair, inspection, maintenance and certification of your cranes, hoists and lifting equipment, our technical service department with approx. 20 staff members is at your disposal every day. By attending regular courses, the expertise of our technical department is kept at a high level. Our technicians have a well-equipped service vehicle and all the tools required.


In 2009, we developed the so-called IM-Sys: an on-line portal to process inspection data and monitor completed and ongoing inspections. The IM-Sys provides you with a quick insight into the actual status of your cranes and access to their maintenance status. Find out what IM-Sys can offer your company.

More than 15.000 DEMAG parts in stock.....

We have an extensive warehouse that virtually stocks all DEMAG wear and tear and standard parts. It allows us to reduce delivery times considerably. Our vast international orders are an indication of people’s awareness of our stock, even way beyond our own borders.