The DEMAG slide anchor motor, type KB, with a maximum capacity of up to 75 kW, is known worldwide because of its integrated robust slide anchor brake which allows for high switching frequencies and high braking torque. These motors can also be supplied for continuous use. The brake motor has a straightforward design and there are no additional switch elements or connections required. Switching the motor on, creates a rotating field whereby the motor rotates and is axially moved, which lifts the brake. The motor brakes by means of a built-in spring when the voltage drops. Within this series, DEMAG also offers slip ring anchor motors and stationary motors. The motor can be used as a "stand-alone" unit but also be supplied with an extended gear-box in a helical, offset or angular version.
Apart from the slide anchor brake motors, DEMAG has developed a new series of Z cylinder anchor motors for general drive applications. This motor type is usually fitted with an (electromechanical) brake. The motors are available with a single speed or a terminal reverse switch with two speeds. The motors are particularly suitable for addressing by a frequency regulator.

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