To many people, wireless remote controls are just luxury items. However, nothing is further from the truth. They are often used for safety purposes, certainly in the world of transport technology and cranes.

Sometimes, it is important that the operator can keep some distance between him and the crane or load. Just think of casting cranes with a casting ladle full of molten metal suspended from a crane. Because of the heat and spraying danger it is import to keep a safe distance.

In the case of large loads, one also has a better view if you are able to look at the situation from a distance.

40457-29Moreover, there are also situations where for practical purposes the presence of a cable is not possible, e.g. when the crane is moving across stands or machines. At a crane travelling speed of more than 63m/min, operation by means of a push-button box and cable is forbidden. In such cases, a wireless remote control or a cabin provides options.

Communication is based on two principles, i.e. infrared and radiographic. The main difference is that, to a certain extent, an infrared signal has to be pointing towards the receiver, whereas radiographic control is not directionally influenced. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The infrared advantage implies that, on principle, there is always visual contact with the crane. With a radiographic transmitter you could basically be standing with your back towards the crane during operation. However, depending on the number of obstacles that might be present on the shop floor, "visual contact" between the transmitter and receiver may soon turn out to be a disadvantage. Outdoors, infrared may be adversely influenced by sunlight.

Number-wise, radiographic installation has by far surpassed the use of infrared. User-friendliness and the lower price play a major part in this.

In recent years, the use of remote controls increased significantly, also as a result of improved technology and price decreases. Our supply program with regard to remote controls includes various brands such as SAGA, TELETEC, NBB and DEMAG.

We have our own service and repair department for remote controls, which allows us to repair and check controls quickly. After all, a remote control is virtually a necessity.