Controlled drives with frequency converters are taking up an ever increasing market position. Falling prices for frequency converters play an important part in this. The former expensive and large frequency converters have been replaced by affordable and compact frequency controllers with state of the art power electronics. Reliability as well as programming opportunities have increased significantly.

The major advantages of a controlled drive are, amongst others:

• Large dynamics due to controlled high gears.

• High maximum torque (1.6 x Mn) covering the complete range of revolutions.

• High torque requiring less motor power.

• Smooth running on low revolutions.

• High accuracy during positioning tasks.

• Less mechanical wear due to controlled start-up.

Dynamic acceleration, forceful braking and ability to cope with loading peaks. These are the demands placed on modern drives. To meet these requirements, both motors and frequency controls have to have special qualities. In this respect, DEMAG KBA and ZBA motors combined with Dedrive frequency controllers are a perfect match.

39299-3We employ this combination successfully both in machine engineering and DEMAG overhead cranes as well as hoists. In machine engineering, frequency controllers and drives are often used in combination with the wheel block programmes RS and DRS. It often involves travel units which frequently have to repeat a certain movement at high speed or with accuracy.

In the case of cranes, both the driving movements and lifting movements can be controlled. Controlled driving movements occur frequently and can easily be achieved using minor adjustments.

Controlled lifting movements require additional attention and related knowledge. In such cases, safety is crucial. Important are, amongst others, revolutions feedback and rotation direction. Because of our years of experience in this field we can offer you excellent and expert service.

The DEMAG frequency controllers are available for currents ranging from 2 to 544 A, 3-phase 400 VAC or 480 VAC.

The frequency controllers can be supplied with various addressing interfaces. The MDC-I/O interface is standard. These are standard digital inputs allowing, for instance, the controller to be addressed by pushbuttons on the PLC relay-outputs. An analogue input is also standard. You can also select various optional bus-interfaces. The universal interfaces ensure that the frequency controllers can be used in all sorts of electrical installations, regardless whether they are automated or not.