The KBK-system consists of modular components. The basic element is a special hollow section supplied in various sizes characterised by low deadweight and high rigidity. Together with all the other components, it forms a building block allowing numerous combinations. Its flexibility and application possibilities turn it into a unique system that can be employed in virtually any situation.
The components are coupled by means of screw joints and can easily be fitted. As a result, a KBK-system can also simply be adapted to changing situations on the shop floor. An important argument, when you look at the future growth of your company.

Whether you require a mono-rail, single girder suspended crane, or double girder suspended crane, the KBK program makes it all possible. Bends and frog-points allow setting up complex mono-rail systems to move products along the assembly track.
The track can be mounted to metal trusses by means of special suspension mountings and clamps. Chemical anchors are used for concrete decks. Threaded rod suspensions ensure the track can be fitted to your roof at any required height. In case your roof is unable to cope with the load stress, floor-based portals may offer a solution.

We recommend and design problem-specific solutions, whilst taking your requirements into consideration. We deliver and install your KBK-system quickly and expertly, after which we are also at your disposal for annual inspections and maintenance.