As a result of ever increasing regulations with regard to working conditions and ergonomics, it is becoming more and more important to have a critical look at shop floor activities.

In addition to the KBK-program, DEMAG has developed a number of additional components called KBK-ergo.

Using KBK-ergo components, a KBK-track can be designed to deal with upward force. Consequently, we can manufacture cranes that also work outside the crane track using single girder travel cranes or extension cranes. A travel crane has a fixed direction of travel outside the crane track. An extension crane, on the other hand, can be extended outside the crane track at the required location; this comes in handy, in areas where a fixed direction of travel is not possible due to obstacles alongside the crane's track.

KBK-ergo components give KBK-tracks the stability required for exact positioning when using balancers and manipulators.

These newly developed components make it possible to handle loads with your body in the most comfortable position from an ergonomics point of view. Consequently, you not only comply with regulations but can also reduce absenteeism caused by, for instance, spinal complaints. It also means that repetitive activities can be carried out faster and more accurately.

The DEMAG KBK handling system can be used in cases where crane and hoist functions fail:

• Lifting and positioning tasks outside the crane track
• Loading of machines or platforms that are not accessible from above
• Delivery of work pieces, parts and components to the work station from every direction and any angle
• Moving work pieces into the required processing position

In short, you can not only configure virtually all activities ergonomically but also efficiently.