ELMEC has an extensive warehouse that virtually stocks all DEMAG wear and tear and standard parts. It allows us to reduce delivery times considerably. In your case, this implies a minimum standstill of your crane or machine.


Over the years, we have gained a proper insight into the demand for certain parts. As a result, our stock meets customer requirements perfectly and includes approx. 15,000 different articles, ranging from simple O-rings to complete hoists and drives.

DEMAG has a good reputation as regards parts availability. At present, DEMAG can still provide for hoists and motors going back to the mid Sixties and in some cases even further! Consequently, you are assured of support with regard to materials and knowledge for many years to come. In 1999, DEMAG discontinued production of certain parts, steel wire hoists, of the so-called "old" P-series. Customers were disgruntled as they could no longer repair their hoists. However, when informed about the age of these hoists, most of them appreciated DEMAG's decision; for DEMAG produced this type of hoist until 1963. Ergo, these hoists had been used for a minimum of 36 years and obviously to everybody's satisfaction! It says a lot about the life cycle of DEMAG products.


Since many customers were asking for these parts, we had long discussions with DEMAG resulting in DEMAG taking part of these parts back into production for an indefinite period. It shows, once more, that DEMAG produces high quality products with a long mechanical life.

Our stock, including "exotic" parts, is renowned way beyond our borders and daily international deliveries worldwide are quite common.