For lifting loads by cranes or hoists, ELMEC BV offers a range of lifting equipment that can either be attached to the hoist hook or used as a fixed unit on the crane.

Some lifting equipment examples;

• Hoisting traverses fitted with hooks, magnets or other facilities.

• Lifting magnets, (such as electro-permanent magnet or ordinary electro-magnet)

• Automatic loading hooks for, for instance, automatic process cranes

• Vacuum lifting equipment

• Grabs

• Tongs

• Clamps

• Hoisting chains, slings, hoisting belt, hoisting hook etc.

The above mentioned lifting equipment can be cut to size and custom-made. Upon request, we can also develop special yokes and accessories to deal with your products.

With regard to these products, we can also deal with periodic inspections, functionality tests and tests with trial loads. (Test obligations for trial loads depend on the type of load-lifting equipment).

We can avail ourselves of a separate department, which deals with inspections and testing of hoisting equipment full-time. If possible, we carry out these jobs on-site, using a special service van equipped with a mobile tensile testing machine. We keep any related documents such as certificates up-to-date for you.

Upon request, we are more than willing to inform you about regulations involving inspection, testing, and any trial load test requirements.