There is an enormous diversity in ELMEC crane versions. One of our strong points is finding customer-specific solutions.  During a personal meeting, we establish your demands and requirements and advise you on possible designs and specifications that are important and applicable to you.
Our customers are found in various sectors, such as galvanizing plants, foundries, and in the concrete and metal processing industry. All these processes and environments place specific demands on cranes.  For instance, a crane in a galvanizing plant is exposed to acid vapours and a crane in a foundry (with a casting ladle) is subject to special legal requirements. An outdoor crane, as opposed to an indoor crane, is exposed to weather conditions and wind loads.
All our cranes are fitted with high quality travel drives and DEMAG lifting units with electro steel wire hoists type DH or DR or electro chain hoists type DC. For years, DEMAG components have shown excellent performance even under the most difficult conditions.  Standard cranes within the delivery program can be divided as follow:  


• DEMAG single girder overhead suspension cranes


• DEMAG double-girder overhead suspension cranes

• DEMAG suspension cranes

• Portal cranes

• Wall cranes

• DEMAG pillar- and wall-mounted slewing jibs

• DEMAG process cranes


pdf Documentation Demag standard cranes, German (2,14 Mb)
pdf Documentation Demag standard cranes, English (1,82 Mb)