for efficient transport and the possibility to couple it to a mono-rail system.

Suspended cranes are efficient because they can virtually cover the whole floor.

Lifting capacities up to approx. 6.3 tons and a span of approx. 14 metres are possible.

These cranes travel along overhead crane tracks implying that maximum lifting heights can also achieved even when the hall is relatively low. By means of coupling stations these cranes can be directed to another track or the trolley, using a mono-rail, may take a different direction of travel. In this way, loads can easily be transported from e.g. hall A to hall B without taking them off the hook.

Single and double girder suspended cranes have a modular structure and are produced in series guaranteeing constant high quality. Existing systems can therefore be extended without any problems, even years after their delivery.


pdf Documentation Demag standard cranes, German (2,14 Mb)
pdf Documentation Demag standard cranes, English (1,82 Mb)