Worldwide, Leidel socket/plug connectors are top of the range as far as professional industrial connection technology is concerned. Reliability and robustness are the keywords in this respect. Sectors such as mining, steel works and shipbuilding rely on Leidel's connectors. The Ministry of Defence also uses Leidel for both energy supply and data communication.

Steel works, mining and shipbuilding often require maximum power capacity. In addition, mining and shipbuilding also demand that these connectors are watertight. Various materials are used for housings and internal systems depending on the surroundings in which they are used. In the case of sea water, for instance, think of corrosion resisting qualities in shipping.

Leider has sockets/plugs up to a capacity of 125 A, 500 V, 2-terminals + pe. The number of terminals may vary to up to 35!