As specialists, we can quickly and expertly carry out periodical maintenance and/or inspection of your overhead travel cranes and hoists. We carry out these tasks in accordance with publications by the Labour Inspection, NEN-regulations and stipulations as referred to in machine directives.

The frequency of periodical inspections depends on the condition of your lifting installations, level of usage and average work load.

On the other hand, it is stipulated by law that inspections have to be carried out by an expert at least once a year or more frequently as required for safety purposes.

Therefore, inspection frequency may imply a few times a year. The number of inspections carried out by ELMEC also depends on any work done by your employees and will obviously be determined following mutual consultation.

During the inspection, all crane and/or hoist components are checked and recorded in an inspection report.

Your responsible official will be informed immediately should these inspections reveal unsafe conditions, allowing immediate measures to be taken. We stock virtually all parts and wear and tear parts, should your lifting installations be equipped with DEMAG hoists, motors or components.
A detailed inventory and inspection report accompanied by an explanation and any recommendations will be forwarded to you after the inspection. With this inspection report you can prove to the Labour Inspection that the crane has recently been checked. You should also be able to produce this inspection report upon request of the Labour Inspection .

Using this report, you can determine whether additional maintenance, revision and/or replacement of parts is required. This could be done by your employees or us within the scope of mutual cooperation.

The jobs carried out will be recorded in the crane book i.e. the inspection reports are kept with the crane books.